James Anderson
1845-1895, Anstruther, Fife. Smooth face cleek. Circa 1880.
"Ringer" bulger driver. Circa 1900, all original.
Alex Patrick
1845-1930. Unusual small headed cleek. Circa 1900, all original.
Harry Vardon
1870-1937. Scard-head driver, brass sole plate. Circa 1905, all original.
Model "C" spring face driving iron. Circa 1897, all original.
W. Murray
Long-nose play club. Circa 1880, all original.
J & D Foulis
Mashie niblick. Circa 1900, all original.
Clear Difference Co.
"Spectre" Lucite head, graphite shafted driver. Never used. Circa 1980.
Maker Unknown
"Number 10" Wooden mallet putter, steel shaft. Circa 1935, all original.
Army & Navy
London. Long-nose putter, ram's horn sole plate, lead back weight. Circa 1890, all original.
Douglas McEwan
1809-1886 Brunsfield, Scotland. Long-nose approach putter, ram's horn insert, lead back weighted. Circa 1880.
Hailey & Co.
London. Children's brass-head mashie. Circa 1926, all original.
Jack Morris
1847-1932, St. Andrews. Long-spoon. Circa 1880, all original.
Jean Gassiat
Wooden-head mallet putter, brass sole plate. Circa 1910, all original.
Maker Unknown
Smooth-face track iron, "hold" stamped on back. Circa 1880.
M.J. Lewis
Driver with metal insert. Circa 1920, all original.
Sunderland Golf Co.
Birmingham, England. "Ray Mills" mallet putter, rare steel shaft. Circa 1930, all original.
Robert T. Jones Jr.
Spalding scalloped face mid-iron, steel shaft. Circa 1930, all original.
Metal-head spoon. Circa 1930, all original.
Mallet-head putter, unusual grip is part of the wooden shaft. Circa 1940, all original.
Smooth-face steel head children's putter. This hammer forged iron head was manufactured in London. Circa 1910, all original.
Maker Unknown
Children's iron, marked "Driver", wooden shaft. Circa 1930, all original.
Maker Unknown
Crude hand-made lofter, wooden shaft stamped "R. Forgan & Son's, St. Andrews".
"Paul Runyan" Wooden-head mallet putter, steel shaft. Circa 1938, all original.

Beckley Ralston
"Walloper" Driving iron, steel shaft. Circa 1950, all original. Purchased from George Lewis.

Hendry & Bishop
Edinburgh, Scotland. "The Viper" Wooden shaft blade putter. Used by Jackie Burke, Metropolis, C.C. Mount Vernon, NY. Circa 1930, all original.
Alex Taylor
Mashie niblie backspin iron. Circa 1925, all original.