John Gray
1824-1904. Early concave face lofter. Circa 1840, all original.
Maker Unknown
Bulger driver with metal insert, brass back weight. Circa 1920. Purchased from George Lewis.
James Anderson
1845-1895 Anstruther, Fife. Smooth-face lofter. Circa 1870.
Left-handed wooden shaft mallet putter. Brass sole plate. Circa 1935, all original.
Original cash-in putter, steel shaft. Circa 1938, all original.
Robert Forgan
1824-1900 St. Andrews. Long-nose putter, ram's horn insert, lead back weight. Circa 1870.
R.C. Morgan Special
Wooden head mallet putter, brass sole plate. Circa 1930, all original.
Donald Vinton
"Dedstop" mashie niblic, grip missing. Circa 1920.
George Forrester
1847-1930. Long-nose approach putter. Circa 1885, all original.
J.H. Taylor
Wry-neck putter. Circa 1890.
Alex Smith
Smooth face mashie, forged head by Tom Stewart. Circa 1920, all original.
Maker Unknown
Water iron reproduction. Circa 1880.
Maker Unknown
Smooth face lofter, whipping in 3 places. Circa 1870.
Willy Park
Wry-neck putter, very popular club used before the turn of the century. Circa 1892.
Robert White
1857 St. Andrews. Originally a blacksmith turned to cleek making. Lofting iron, W.H.S. Tark stamped on back. Circa 1885.
Maker Unknown
Early smooth faced lofting iron with 4 dots on face. Circa 1870.
Cran-cleek wooden insert in face. Circa 1890, all original.
Maker Unknown
Concave-face rut niblic. Circa 1885, all original.
Maker Unknown
Smooth face cleek. Circa 1870, all original.
Sunderland Golf Co.
"Ray Mills" Y model mallet headed putter. Circa 1890, all original.
Maker Unknown
Smooth faced lofter, deeply pitted. Circa 1880.
W.F. Hackney
Backspin iron. Circa 1920, all original.
Walter Hagen
Concave sand wedge. Circa 1929, all original.
Right & Ditson
Smooth face blade putter, no grip. Circa 1895.
Centre Balance
Smooth-face brass headed blade putter, grip missing. Circa 1890.
B.G.I Company
One piece driver, brass sole plate. Circa 1895, all original.
Sunderland Golf Co.
Ray Mills "Y" model, long nose mallet putter. Circa 1890, all original.