Maker Unknown
Concave face lofter, made for feather balls. Circa 1875.
J.H. Taylor
Bulger fairway wood, brass sole plate. Circa 1920, all original.
Maker Unknown
Smooth face mashie. Circa 1890, all original.
Wooden headed mallet putter. Circa 1915, all original.
Burke Golf Co.
Backspin pitcher. Circa 1918, all original.
Charles Brand
1849-1922, Carmoustie. Transitional play club. Circa 1890, all original.
Ladies brassie steel shaft. Circa 1930, all original.
Maker Unknown
Rut niblick, on flange sheradized, "JTL" initials of owner. Circa 1885, all original.
Alex Gobb
Transitional play club, brass sole plate. Circa 1890.
Maker Unknown
Early concave-face track iron. Circa 1840.
William Park Sr.
1834-1903, Musselburgh. Smooth face lofter. Circa 1889, all original.
Walter D. Day
1837, Musselburgh. Long-nose play club. Circa 1865, all original.
Maker Unknown
Concave-face cleek. Circa 1860.
Sylvan Jay Crooker
"Steamliner", unusual bullet shaped wooden headed, 2 wood. Steel shaft. Circa 1930, all original.
F & A Carrick
Musselburgh. Concave smooth face lofter. Circa 1870.
Maker Unknown
Early square toe 18th century iron, reproduction.
Robert Forgan
1824-1900. St. Andrews. Concave-face lofter. Circa 1875, all original.
F.H. Ayers
London. "TRUPUT" center shafted mallet putter. Circa 1890, all original.
Maker Unknown
Concave face cleek used to hit feather balls. Circa 1870.
F. & A. Carrick
1840-1904. Francis and Alex were on of the pioneer cleek makers in Scotland. Early track iron. Circa 1860.
A.H. Findlay
Bulger driver. Circa 1900, all original.
Maker Unknown
Smooth faced cleek. Circa 1875.
Sunderland Golf Co.
Aluminum headed trouble club, right and left handed. Circa 1903.
Maker Unknown
Smooth face lofter, grip missing, listing present. Circa 1870.
Robert SImpson
1862-1923. Transitional long-nose play club, ram's horn insert on sole, lead back weight. Circa 1915.
Hillerich & Bradsby Co.
Dot scored mashie, cork grip. Circa 1918, all original.
Tom Stewart
1861-1931. Anti-shank niblick. Circa 1893.
J. Simpson
Edinburgh. Transitional play club. Circa 1890, all original.
Robert Wilson
St. Andrews. Smooth face cleek, whipping on shaft. Circa 1870, all original.
Sunderland & Co.
Metal head driver, wooden shaft. Circa 1890, all original.
Maker Unknown
Concave face rut niblick. Circa 1890.
B.G.I. & Company
Wry neck putter. Circa 1897, all original.
Swan-neck putter. Circa 1904.
Douglas McEwan
1809-1886 Brunsfield, Scotland. Long-nose grass driver. Circa 1875.
"Lard" shafted mid-iron. First steel shaft golf club. Circa 1916.
Wright & Ditson
Brassie, red bulls-eye insert, steel shaft. Circa 1930, all original.